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What is Well-Being all about?

“I want to feel good about my life.”

Well-Being is for you if you’re eager to get stronger and stay that way, if you want to join others in fun, purposeful activities, and if you want to know more about health and fitness issues that matter to you. Well-Being provides supervised workouts, exercise classes, and education sessions that enable older adults to prolong their independence. Our exercise classes and educational sessions are based on guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institutes of Health. We offer high-tech balance assessment technology, and we customize our programs to the needs of each individual participant. Well-Being participants are typically highly satisfied with their lives, more engaged socially, and more confident in their safety and abilities.

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What does independence mean to you?

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“I want to stay
where I live now.”

No problem — you can stay put! Well-Being participants are much more likely to remain in their current home than those who don’t take advantage of Well-Being. Fewer independent living participants feel the need to move to assisted living, and participants who reside in assisted living tend to require less assistance. In fact, one study shows that older people who remain active in a program like ours stay independent an average of 8.8 years as compared to 6.1 years for all residents studied.¹ Other research confirms that older adults who exercise may enjoy twice as many years or more without debilitating challenges to daily living activities compared to those who don’t exercise.²

¹Source: ICAA/ProMature Welness Benchmarks: The National Benchmarks Report. (2017)
²Source: Can a Healthy Lifestyle Compress the Disabled Period in Older Adults? J Am Geriatr Soc. 2016 October; 64(10): 1952–1961.

How would you describe a life with less worry?

“I want to be safe and content.”

Don’t worry — be happy! Falling is often a problem for people as they grow older. They lose strength, flexibility, and stamina, and their sense of balance deteriorates — unless they participate in a robust program of exercise and education like Well-Being. Our program also may feature sophisticated technology to help pinpoint reasons why you might fall, and if Symbria Rx Services provides your medications, you can talk to a pharmacist to make sure your meds won’t be a source of balance issues. Bottom line: We know that people who participate in a comprehensive program like Well-Being fall far less often than others, so they are much more likely to avoid disabling injuries, hospital stays, and moves to nursing homes. And they can enjoy life without worry.

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What does satisfaction mean to you?

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“I want to have
friends and fun.”

Mix, mingle — enjoy! Well-Being offers residents customized workouts and group exercise along with learning and other opportunities to meet and mix with people with similar interests. It can be a springboard for more ideas and activities for two people, a few people, or more. Our participants are more energized and satisfied with the lives they’re living.


Well-Being Produces Results

Well-Being is a proven solution, developed and continuously updated by creative training professionals who work exclusively with older adults. It is supervised by experienced managers and led by degreed and certified exercise professionals. Our programs are engaging and effective. Our Well-Being programs consistently show reductions in falls between 40% and 60%, and we give participants the means to manage challenges to their independence. They benefit significantly from collaborative goal-setting, supervised exercise, targeted education, and progress reporting — and they are more able to age in place and avoid a move to assisted living or a nursing setting.

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Driven by Advanced Technology

Symbria uses an artificial intelligence-driven system that promotes fall risk reduction by measuring deficits in balance, gait, and function that could contribute to a fall.  Fully trained Well-Being specialists assess each individual’s risk of falling using motion detection technology with advanced analytic capability- that sets this system apart. Specialists combine the artificial intelligence assessment with other health status data to recommend an individualized and integrated workout, exercise, and educational program to increase participants’ capability to live independently.

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Why we care about falls

We pay close attention to each Well-Being participant’s reduction in fall risk, because falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among people aged 65 years and older in the U.S. According to the CDC, falls accounted for more than three million emergency department visits by older adults, 962,000 hospitalizations, and approximately 30,000 deaths in 2016.³
Often, older people who have fallen experience decreased mobility, loss of independence, and fear of falling, all of which can lead to future falls — and then, often, hospital stays and a move to a nursing home.

The good news is that older adult falls are largely preventable.

³Source: Data includes estimates from the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, the National Vital Statistics System Mortality Files, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System — All Injury Program, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

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Learn & Live Well

Along with individual workouts and group exercise, Well-Being offers a variety of educational sessions — what we call Learn & Live Well. Participants can sign up for sessions that focus on a variety of health topics, which may include managing change in life, boosting brainpower, avoiding falls, minimizing stress, and more. The sessions are designed to be interactive, allowing participants to contribute to the discussion, gain and give support to others, and enrich the learning and social experience.

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Measuring the things that matter

Well-Being specialists regularly measure and report on progress and effectiveness to participants and their families. We have identified a set of critical metrics that demonstrate consistent and compelling outcomes — the things that matter. They include:

  • Potential Fall Risk: High, medium, low
  • My Fit Profile: Participants’ perception of their quality of life
  • Participation Scorecard: Frequency of participation in workouts, exercise, and education, based on individualized program
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Why delay?

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Power of one

Our Well-Being partner is Symbria.

Symbria provides best-in-class pharmacy, rehab, and well-being programs along with ancillary resources and tools to benefit post-acute and senior living providers along with their patients and residents. Established in 1995, Symbria became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company in 2015. Because our employees are our owners, we are free to balance our margin expectations with our mission without the investor pressures that public companies must satisfy.